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The Perfect Tool for a Better Dining Experience.


The Messenger of Flavor.

You make dinner reservations before hotel reservations.

Food pictures make up most of your Instagram feed.

You go out of your way for the very best ingredients.

You care about flavor.

Your flatware is the messenger of that flavor.


Your flatware is the final arbiter of the taste, texture and temperature of your food. And for over 100 years, we've had scratched up, dirty, and faded metal affecting the flavors of our food.

No more.

Certine is made of toughened ceramic that preserves the taste and texture of your food. It will never scratch, features a “Forever Luster” that will never fade, provides a more healthful eating service, and is easy to clean.


Ceramic is completely inert. It does not react with any chemicals found in your food or your mouth and will never alter flavor in any way. Taste food as it was intended to be tasted.


certine will never scratch and therefore won’t feel rough as it passes over your tongue and lips. It’s a far more pleasurable food experience.


Metals get hot and cold very quickly. Dip your spoon in hot soup, you can feel it on your lips - ouch! Same with cold ice cream. certine ceramic lets your food stay at its proper temperature while remaining comfortable.


Stainless Steel is stamped from sheet metal. That’s why it has flat handles. No other tools in our lives have flat handles. Neither does certine. It’s designed to fit better in the hand while also using less material. Plus, it looks stunning!


The tiny pits and scratches on metal flatware are like canyons to bacteria - even when thoroughly cleaned. certine is one of the hardest materials on earth and will never scratch or pit.


Certine is dishwasher safe. Since it is non-porous, non-stick, non-staining, and never scratches, it can be easily and thoroughly cleaned even by hand when using it on the go. Just run water over it and wipe it clean.

Everything Else on Your Tabletop is Ceramic, Why Not Your Flatware?

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